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Faba supports companies with positive impact in areas of environment, foodtech, biotech, education, AI...
Natural hair cosmetics
Renewable energy and hydrogen production development
Meat Substitute producer
Biotechnological company dedicated to developing new treatments for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease
AGORA Pharmaceuticals
from the earth to heaven.

We strive to create strong and fast growing projects (stalks), on which we climb to the sky together. Every company (bean) needs to be thoroughly taken care of in its initial phase.

We support projects both financially and by a team of experienced people. We realize, that from time to time, each stalk needs to change its direction of its grow path, and for this we provide appropriate conditions and strong background.
We focus on the transformation of today
Technology platforms will replace the era of the industry.
Faba helps and becomes a part of this transformation change.
IT, AI, Blockchain
Hardware, Robotics
Medicine, Ecosystem
Invention, Innovation
Faba Team

Alex Nakonechny
CEO, Faba Invest
Julia Zajacova
Lenka Love
Michal Vodrazka
Mentor Faba Invest
Martin Malek
William Jalloul
Mentor, Faba Invest
Jonathan Todd
Mentor, Faba Invest
Maksim Beliaev
Ideamaker, Faba Invest
CFO, Faba Invest
Mentor, Faba Invest
mentor, Faba Invest
Zahar Deina
ICO advisor, Faba Invest
Radek Zejda
CSO, Faba Invest
Robert Flocius
CTO, Faba Invest
We are the co-creators of human potential
We support projects and teams of people with a globally positive ambition to influence the world. We understand the people, who are behind the horizon of common human comprehension.
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