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How can I get a Faba token?
Firstly, you need to complete the registration process on the web page, then select how many tokens you would like to purchase and make a payment in one of the given ways.
Why do you think Faba team will be successful?
Faba works with mentors who have real business or corporate experience in management positions. We work with investors who have experience in buying and selling companies' business shares. As well we cooperate with VC companies and incubators, who have long-term experience in venture capital. These partners are feeding us with start-up offers that are ready to be funded.
Why should investors decide to invest in the Faba token?
Behind the Faba token there is a real VC company with an interesting portfolio of projects, which besides the financial profit they do have a positive impact on our environment. The holder acquires a Faba token with the right for a dividend, that has an interesting return on investment (ROI) and a high growth of valuation potential.
What are your next steps after receiving ICO funds?
Next goal will be to list Faba token on the stock exchange. Funds will be invested in the interesting segments as IT, technology, medicine, education, travel etc., then we will exit the acquired equity shares on the basis of pre-arranged exit strategy.
On which markets do you look for startups?
We are looking for our projects in USA, Czech Republic and India. India is a rapidly growing market, United States represents highly valued environment, and Czech Republic is a highly developed country for in the field of new technologies.
How big are the companies you invest in?
We invest in the idea – idea on the paper (Seed) with a core team that has a high potential for growth (patent, highly innovative solutions, etc. ...).

We also invest in companies that already have proof of concept, business model and initial revenue towards stabilization on the domestic market and global expansion.
Are you planning to launch additional investment rounds to support the startups?
After the first round of investment, the exit strategy and Faba token dividends payoff, part of the funds gained will be allocated to the further development of interesting projects.
How will the dividends be paid out?
Based on the funds gained from the sale of the company's equity shares, the profit percentage will be distributed and paid to the holders of the Faba token in the form of ETH cryptocurrency into the ETH wallet.
How does the venture capital work with startups?
Faba will invest in 110 startups, of which 11-17 will represent 10-30 times return on original investment, 1 of the 100 projects is valued at $ 1B (unicorn / magic bean).

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