Faba Bounty
We have organised a dream bounty program for opportunity chasers.
Just follow the rules and get your Faba Tokens
For the recommendation, Faba token holder will receive 15 % of the tokens in addition to the amount invested.

This is done through the reference URL link.

When the investor clicks on this URL link and registers to the administration where the Faba token is purchased, 15% of Faba token will be credited as a bonus for recommendation from the investor's invested amount.

The condition for earning this bonus is the previous own purchase of the Faba token.

Bounty Program will be active during Pre ICO and ICO.

Maximum number of tokens distributed is set at 2M, Bounty Program will beterminated at the time of reaching this amount.

After the end of ICO the bonus will be distributed with the tokens within 8 weeks.

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