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New concept of Gas Cooled Fast Reactor
CEO: Ing. Branislav Hatala, Ph.D.
NAPOLEON HR-4F represents a new concept of Gas Cooled Fast Reactor Generation IV. with the main aim hydrogen production.

Branislav has long years experience in the field of nuclear safety. He is an expert on design concepts, safety thermohydraulic analyses and thermomechanical behaviour of nuclear fuel. He has been responsible for and managed many diverse projects for Slovak nuclear power plants and participated in several EU research projects.

Biodegradable packaging material
CEO: Ing. Anastasia Malysheva
Company whalecup is a fresh startup aimed at development of a biodegradable and environmental-friendly food packaging material.

Anastasia graduated from University of Chemistry and Technology with specialization in Alternative energy and Environmental science. She has practical skills and experience in bio-fuels, conventional fuels and organic technologies, environmental chemistry, analysis and technologies.


AGORA Pharmaceuticals
Drug development against Alzheimer's disease
Partner: prof. MUDr. Jakub Hort, Ph.D.
AGORA Pharmaceuticals s.r.o. is a biotech company established in 2015, focused on the development of novel drugs against neurodegenerative diseases, in particular, Alzheimer's disease.

Jakub is a professor of neurology with 25 years of both clinical and scientific experience in brain disorders with focus on Alzheimer's disease. He has published more than 150 scientific articles and is the first author of European Federation of Neurological Societies guidelines for the diagnosis and management of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. He founded Czech Alzheimer foundation and served on numerous international and national boards and professional positions related to both Alzheimer's disease research and care.

Prevention against Alzheimer's disease
CEO: MUDr. Jan Pavlík, MBA
AlzheimerChain is the first global application aimed at the prevention against Alzheimer's disease. Application will focus on screening test, verbal tests, questionnaires, artificial intelligence mainly in evaluation of MRI, physical activity and cognitive training. Blockchain technology will be used for recording and storing data.

Jan has more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry in various management positions, including commercial, medical, market access and business development. He focused mainly on oncology, neurology (dementia, stroke and multiple sclerosis) and area of rare diseases. Currently he has own consultancy company and provides professional advisory services and complex assistance in the field of health care. He also serves as senior consultant for several projects focusing on multichannel digital communication in pharmaceutical industry.


My Father's Hair
Hair tincture with stinging nettle extract
CEO: Ing. Julia Zajacova
My Father's Hair s.r.o. was established in June 2018, after Miss Zajacova and her family had agreed to share their family treasure with the world. Almost every other person nowdays is facing a common problem - hair loss. My Father's Hair bio tincture with stinging nettle extract is a purely natural product that provides hair with the necessary boost and restarts its growth.

CEO: Robert Flocius
Financial Executive with broad experience in all aspects of equity investments. Former shareholder and Co-founder of UB Networks Benelux NV - US based data communications company and first world partner of Cisco systems Inc. later sold to New bridge for $ 260 million. Served as senior Adviser to Madge Networks (fastest growing UK company in 1996). Main focus: M&A, Equity, IPO's, Structured Finance, Consulting.
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